Listening Intelligence
for Teams & Leaders

Put Listening Intelligence to Work for Your Company or Organization.  It’s a powerful new learning experience for leaders, managers, & key contributors.

ECHO Basics

What Is The ECHO Listening Profile?

The ECHO (Effective Communication for Healthy Organizations) Listening Profile is a proprietary, scientifically validated cognitive assessment that measures what people listen to and for, as well as what they might be unconsciously filtering out. It is the first listening assessment developed for business contexts that provides tangible, measurable, and actionable insights that can be implemented immediately for strengthened leadership and team productivity.

Listening Intelligence for Teams & Leaders

LEADERS, mid-level, or emerging
managers, and individual contributors*
will come to understand how their own
habitual listening tendencies impact
their leadership influence as well as their
team’s performance.

*Individual contributors are your future leaders and benefit from developing leadership influence.

TEAMS will learn to utilize the
previously untapped cognitive diversity
from the individuals in the group to work
smarter together, saving time and
resources while reaching new and exciting solutions.

For Leaders & Senior Executives...

When leaders foster and develop a listening culture, their employees feel valued and productivity is enhanced.

LIFT helps Leaders gain greater proficiency in leading diverse individuals and teams for more productive outcomes, nurturing a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Only 25% of leaders strongly agree that their
developmental needs
are being met.

Let's Listen

For Mid-Level or Emerging Managers

When mid-level managers listen to their team members, requests are developed collaboratively, saving critical time and money as communication is respected and understood. LIFT helps Managers develop the capability to guide and empower their teams to make high quality collaborative decisions, reducing stress and rework.

For Individual Contributors

When individuals are taught Listening Intelligence, their ability to communicate with co-workers at any level increases dramatically. LIFT helps Individuals gain insight into their own listening habits and the listening habits of their peers, to communicate and collaborate more effectively, and to increase engagement and employee retention.

LIFT Training creates deep, long-lasting change through hands-on, real-time practice of Listening Intelligence concepts.

  • Four team live training sessions, two hours each
  • Weekly or bi-weekly
  • Built around your busy schedule
  • Training complete in 30-60 days
  • Virtual, In-Person or Hybrid


If your organization relies on effective & clear communication for work productivity from leaders, in teams and by individual contributors, then Listening Intelligence for Teams & Leaders is a must.  LIFT technology moves participants out of the mire of Miscommunication, empowering each with powerful new awareness.  Nobody ever taught us to listen at this level –Until Now!    

91% of surveyed employees lose think that their leaders lack communication skills.

Teams lose the equivalent of nearly an entire workday (7.47 hours)
each week to poor communication.

Where Does ECHO Fit in to Organizations & Groups?

We’re humans. Communication is essential. We literally listen each other into being. Our ears bring in sounds that go into our mind, where they illuminate with meaning and context.

ECHO doesn’t just improve business productivity; it also enhances personal relationships.

In the words of Dr. Allan Friskin, “We need each other to complete each other”.  That’s true in all relationships, whether in business or with family and friends.

Think of ECHO beyond the business formalities.  Every organization has multiple conversations going on between people, in small groups, across departments and on all interpersonal levels. Increasing the effectiveness of your conversational communication is like using a productivity GPS. 

ECHO is an agnostic tool that empowers individuals to be more effective in conversation.  It is transparent, appropriate for all situations.  ECHO helps us understand our listening preferences and become more conversationally aware.  

The benefits of an ECHO listening program, implemented in collaboration with a certified ECHO facilitator and accredited business coach, are almost endless.


The program is a four-part series of two-hour modules to be delivered in sequence, no more than two weeks apart. Participants will learn to leverage the essential tools of Listening Intelligence to improve their own performance as well as develop others.

MODULE 1 – Understanding Our Own Listening Preferences 
Developing Listening Intelligence begins by understanding ourselves and the listening habits we’ve come to rely on over time. This first session uses the ECHO Listening Profile, a scientifically validated assessment that identifies habitual listening preferences, to build a foundational awareness of our own unique listening preferences and how that impacts what we tend to listen for, and what we tend to miss in a variety of situations.
MODULE 2 – Recognizing the Listening Preferences of Others
Understanding what is important to “our listener” can give us valuable insight into their motivations, conversational needs, and their decision-making criteria. Recognizing their physical and verbal cues helps us adjust how we deliver our message to improve mutual understanding. In session two, participants will learn the behaviors and cues that clue us into what others are listening to and for.
MODULE 3 – Adapting to Diverse Circumstances and Different People
How we frame our own language, present our ideas, make statements, and ask questions, can impact what others hear and how they react. Quite often we come into a conversation, meeting, or other situation knowing exactly what we want to say. In this session, participants practice adapting the way they deliver their message based on the audiences’ unique listening preferences and the situational needs, ultimately improving the chances for a mutual understanding and the greatest conversational outcomes.
MODULE 4 – Leveraging Group Listening Preferences
Individual Listening Assessment results compiled into one Group Profile can help the team understand how their unique preferences contribute to the overall group dynamic. Disparate ways of thinking within a team can lead to misunderstandings, rework, and frustration. However, when leveraged, such diversity can be a great asset. This session highlights the unique contribution of each individual and offers helpful ways to harness the cognitive diversity within the team. The Group Profile provides insight into the specific adjustments needed to save valuable time and money.

Take The ECHO Listening Profile

Take the ECHO Listening Profile assessment today and save 50% – just $199.  It takes 10 minutes or less to complete and you’ll receive:

  • The ECHO Listening Profile assessment
  • A full customized ECHO Listening Profile report
  • A one-hour ECHO debrief session with a certified ECHO Listening Profile expert